Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Bondsmen Return!

Of these four, I'd have to think that Doc Savage is the best suited to take over for Batman, but it would be interesting to see any of them assume the mantle.

Nick Fury has just gone through some major changes due to the end of  Marvel's Original Sin event.

 *** Spoilers ***

With the death of Uatu, Fury has become a Watcher-type character called The Unseen.  I don't get it when comic companies combine two cool characters to create one new one - it never seems to work.  This move kind of feels like the Hal Jordan Spectre all over again.


Count Drunkula said...

Marvel is on a roll with that type of character combo what with how they turned Falcon into Captain America. I don't mind a black Captain America, but I liked Falcon as is.

Anyway, great work!

AirDave said...

I like the idea of Sam Wilson becoming Captain America. It's long overdue. It would be nice if comics were actually more diverse than giving off a perception of diversity.

With a character like Batman, I liked the "Prodigal" storyline better than the AzBat/Bane storyline. Same with the Death of Superman.

I've been meaning to give Miles Morales a try as Ultimate Spider-Man - the new Ultimates comic looks pretty cool...almost like a Teen Titans book. Or maybe Runaways.

Anonymous said...

At least Hal Jordan wasn't cosmically chained to the Earth the way Nick Fury was to the Moon (discourtesy of the other Watchers). That kind of punishment is more typical of what Galactus did to the Silver Surfer after their first run-in with the Fantastic Four, in the early Sixties.

SaintCayetano said...

Fury as an imitation Watcher? Doesn't sound like a good idea for the very reason you mentioned but back to the "cover." I agree with Doc Savage being the next Batman, with his crew, he could easily step into role without ever skipping a beat.

Bob Greenwade said...

Nick Fury as the Watcher will, I strongly suspect, be a fairly temporary thing, lasting no more than a couple of years. But at least he's the ideal person for keeping an eye on the planet.

Another topic: Issue #1000 is coming up, and I'm sure you have something incredible planned, Ross. I have a suggestion for a slightly later issue: #1010, featuring Tintin and Rin Tin Tin.

Ross said...

Don't forget about #900!

Simon Dyer said...

If Marvel's so in love with the Ultimate/Cinematic Fury that they'd retcon in a son who happens to look like him to take over his father's job, then I think giving Fury .Sr a job that's pretty fitting for him (keeping an eye on the MU) is a good way to balance the two. Jr gets to take up his mantle and Sr. gets one heck of a promotion. Neither needs to step on the other's toes. Changing jobs is as fair as the situation could get.

What ISN'T fair is, as you mentioned Ross

A) It comes at Uatu's expense
B)Retconing Fury's entire post-war history into a lie to cover up planet destroying genocide and making long standing supporting characters like Dugan either LMDs or hapless dupes in Fury's big game. The promotion isn't really fitting if it's a punishment.

But on a more positive note, love the cover!

Rich Meyer, harbinger of Chaos said...

Other than the Nick Fury retcon, I've kinda enjoyed most of the series. Though there are far too many minor plot points that play toward the Marvel movie universe, such as Banner and Stark both being involved with the Gamma Bomb. And the whole Angela thing was pointless, too.

At least Original Sin was more entertaining than the DC equivalent; Future's End is the steamiest piece of crap I've ever read from them - basically a rebooted version of Kingdom Come, without the style, pacing or emotional impact.

I fear Multiversity will be a bad COIE retread.

Jim Ryan said...

Sorry to hear about what the did to Nick Fury; there's a reason tricks like that make me wary of "big event" mini-series.

That said, the more I look at this piece, I now have this insatiable desire to see Daniel Craig offered a role in a superhero film; he might make a really good Paul Kirk Manhunter if they ever adapt the Goodwin/Simonson run...

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