Friday, September 12, 2014

Data and The Vision

The first close look at The Vision from Avengers: The Age of Ultron has been leaked, and I very much like what I see.  Sure I could nitpick - the  high collar and belt are missing and the simple diamond chest emblem seems to have been replaced with a more busy one - but for all intents and purposes, The Paul Bettany Vision looks very close to the comic character that I have read about for years.  I hope he gets plenty of screen time, despite being the new guy on the block.


Energy Law said...

The Vision was pretty much, hands down, my favorite Avenger and Marvel Comics character on the rare occasion that I brought a Marvel comic book. I even had the purple Avengers metal lunch box & thermos by Aladdin (1981) and I had a Trapper Keeper organizer/notebook with the image of The Vision & Scarlet Witch! Anyone remember those "back to school" items?

pblfsda said...

@Energy Law: That must have been one of the last few lunchboxes cast in metal; they all seem to go to rounded plastic shortly after that, following years of school officials complaining about head wounds on children fighting before the first bell. (It has more heft when you swing it before lunch than after.)

I was a kid in the 1970's when John Romita Sr. was art director, so all the licensed images were either by him or the artist he felt the target audience would identify with the character: Hulk/Herb Trimpe, Thing/Rich Buckler (or old Kirby art), Daredevil/Colan or Kane, etc. For Vision he probably would have went with John Buscema or George PĂ©rez depending on the year. In 1981 it might have been John Byrne. Can you find the image online? Or do you know the artist?

Energy Law said...

@ pblfsda I'm guessing John Buscema for the whole shebang. What an exciting time to be a kid in the 3rd/4th grade back then!The ritual of picking out your lunchbox and school supplies. I remember being disappointed in the DC character designs- nothing grabbed me, Superman was boring, wasn't really feeling Batman with Robin. Wonder Woman was unthinkable! So I had to settle for the Marvel offerings. How embarrassing to be known in the schoolyard as a DC collector, but all your back to school supplies are MARVEL! sigh.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of collectors: given the individuality virus that Hugh imparted to the rest of the Collective, I'm betting these Borg were captured and reprogrammed by that covetous old Avengers foe known as...the Collector!

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