Friday, September 19, 2014

Power Man and Icon

I always thought it was odd that DC's Milestone Imprint was separated from the mainstream DCU titles when it first hit the scene.  I can understand the creators wanting to stake out their own territory, but in the end I think that decision hurt sales.  Many years later, the Milestone characters were more fully integrated into the DCU, with appearances in Justice League  and Teen Titans, but perhaps it was a case of too little too late because they didn't seem to make much of a splash.  It's too bad because there are a lot of cool characters to be mined.  Let's hope they get some more chances to shine.


jrp04f said...

I always hated that, as they ran out of time, the series under the Milestone imprint suffered from unpublished issue-itis. As a result, for example, we had the poignant de facto last issue of ICON with the funeral of Rocket's grandmother, but not the planned final issue advertised in the PREVIEWS catalog, leaving at least a few hanging plot threads.

For those who came in late, the inclusion of Luke Cage kinda has a precedent, had some of the mid-way issues of ICON had Buck Wilde, Mercenary Man, who was not only a satire of Power Man, but had a long-spanning career in which he was essentially a satire of every black super-hero character previously written - Falcon, Black Lightning, etc.

Konsumterra said...

you realize icon did a parody of powerman with characters frozen since 70s with dialogues and costumes straight out of blaxploitation and with a power man homage character?

Anonymous said...

Just plain awesome! Any chance of a Batman/Black Panther/LCPM team-up

Ross said...

I've teamed Batman with Both of those guys before, just check the archives.

Anonymous said...

@ Ross:

I did. And, you've _yet_ to depict all three teaming up together!

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