Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kamandi meets Sub-Mariner and The Hulk

I always got a kick out of seeing Namor and The Hulk interact, whether they were working together or at odds with one another.  Namor had a nasty temper and a bad attitude towards the surface world, and no character other than The Hulk could match him in that department.  The Hulk claimed to be the strongest one there is and got his way with brute force, but Namor was one of the few that could stand up to his might. These aspects gave their relationship an interesting dynamic.


Ed said...

Namor - "So, the surface dwellers have embraced their animalistic nature. Nothing has really changed."

Hulk - "Hulk no like talking tigers with guns! Hulk SMASH!!"

John Pitt said...

I'd like to see Kamandi, Ka-Zar and Thor all on one cover!

Henry R. Kujawa said...

"You're pretty TOUGH for a LITTLE guy!"
--Hulk (to Sub-Mariner)

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