Friday, April 15, 2011

The Thing and Swamp Thing

It looks like Swamp Thing is about to get a little more focus as he was only recently reintroduced to the mainstream DC Universe, after having been confined to the Vertigo Imprint for many years. I for one thing this has been long overdue. I'm not sure what was accomplished by separating the Vertigo characters from the rest of the DCU, and I think a strong argument can be made that the best Swamp Thing stories were told before he became for "mature readers only". I tried out the Vertigo Swamp Thing titles a bunch of times, but they never grabbed me the way the Len Wein or Alan Moore tales did. Now, don't get me wrong - I don't want to see Swamp Thing join the Teen Titans or anything, it's just good that he is finally once again an active and important member of the DCU.


Mike D. said...

The Swamp Thing has ever been a favorite of mine and the Nestor Redondo studio issues we among some of the greatest comic book stories ever produced.
Ross...your cover is really cool I love how you blended the covers together. They work....Have you visited using any of the THING series covers for you reinterpretations?

Ross said...

A few covers from that series have already appeared and there are more to come!

Anonymous said...

I have one problem with DC taking Swamp Thing back - it nixed Vertigo's plans of giving his series to China Mieville, who is an awesome writer.

Also, I'm trying again with a request - how about Darkwing Duck?

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