Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Thing and Starfire

I've included a lot of heroes that I think would fit right in at Ben's poker table... well here's a heroine that I think could easily pull up a chair. Ben always seemed to appreciate powerful ladies who aren't afraid to storm into battle when necessary. Starfire still seems to be maintaining a low profile these days... She is a member of R.E.B.E.L.S. but that is currently one of DC's lower sellers so I don't know how much visibility that translates into. I understand that Cyborg is being given a big push in the upcoming Flashpoint event, which is long overdue. I hope that his former teammate, Koriand'r, can get a similar treatment soon. DC has far too many female heroes that aren't simply versions of existing male heroes, and she deserves more exposure.


Anonymous said...

"...she deserves more exposure."

[looks at costume]

You mean she's not exposed enough?

(sorry, couldn't resist ;) )

Cathy and Dave said...

Bodacious cover!

Starfire is one of my favorite New Teen Titans...I'm not thrilled with what DC has done with her lately. Okay, I'm not thrilled with what's happened since Wolfman and Perez left the title...

George Perez is a wicked genius. I even picked up one of the NTT "Drug" comics, back in the day, with that "Protector" or "Defendor" Robin analog...all they did was color in the center of her costume, purple. From collar to belt.

If there is any fault to be had with Marv Wolfman and George Perez, it's that they created some incredibly fresh and original characters and produced some historic stories...

I'm still waiting for the Air Wave guest appearance in New Teen Titans, though.

i would have liked to see Wolfman and Perez introduce Miss Martian...

worldmusic said...

Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Mike W. Barr were at the very top of their game throughout the '80's and into the early '90's, then......I'm not sure WHAT happened (burn out? fatigue? writer's block) they went about (in my opinion) absolutely ruining what they created. Turning Jericho into a traitor (again?) A baby Wildebeest joins the Titans? Looker and Halo become vampires? Two Outsider teams? By '91, I had had enough with comics in general and took a hiatus (college and the Peace Corps). But I couldn't stay away for too long, apparently. Things have become mildly interesting since the mid '2000's. But not like the '80's.

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