Friday, April 29, 2011

The Thing and The Creeper

The Creeper is one of those 70's creations that I have always liked. I get a kick out of the garish look that Steve Ditko gave him as well as his identity as a somewhat smarmy TV show host. I thought that was a nice angle for a secret identity, as it is a great springboard for a variety of stories. The Creeper has had several shots at his own series, and I always try them out - but none seem to last very long. Hopefully a creative team will come up with a version that clicks, because I think he is too cool a character to be relegated to occasional guest star status.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Awesome cover!

I'm very surprised that The Creeper isn't used more as part of the JLA or Outsiders. He just seems like a natural fit, like Metamorpho and Black Lightning as someone that would gravitate to work with The Batman. Or someone that would be part of a League with Plastic there's certainly a pair to consider to be on the League at the same time!

Flying Tiger Comics said...

The Creeper would work best imo as a cross between Spider-Man (pre faustian bargain) and Scooby Doo.

bengrimm said...

A crossover with Spider-Man,or Howard the Duck might be fun.And while I hate to nitpick,the Creeper first appeared in 1968,not in "the 70s."

Anonymous said...

It is funny that you should say that - I do remember a one-panel shot of the Justice League of Anarchy. This was during a story-line when the Big 7 forgot about the League but somehow were drawn to form a league of their own.And in that 1 panel shot we saw Plastic Man's league which consisted of himself, Ambush Bug,'Mazing Man,Harley Quinn,The Creeper and the Trickster. I really would have loved to have seen more of this team maybe with additions G'Nort & Bizarro

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That's right! The 5th week event "Justice Leagues" - I think that was one of the last one of those! There was a Justice Leagues #1 and #2 to bookend it, then four or five stand alone first issues in the middle of the 5th week event. they all had coveers by Perez. Some alien was going to take over Earth, and wanted to take out the League, so they got Hector Hammond to broadcast "Forget the JLA." But he followed it up with a message, "Remember the Justice League of A-!"

It was in one of the issues that Plastic Man's team, The justice League of Anarky" went by!

That was some good stuff!

SmearySoapboxPress said...

This is a really good one - the characters interact really well - almost as if they were drawn together!

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