Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Thing and Supergirl / Superman

I have to admit that this did not come together as well as I had hoped. The image of Supergirl I used was just too blurry and I couldn't sharpen it in enough to quite fit with the rest of the cover. Oh well, live and learn.

DC has finally gotten Supergirl back to a place where I am enjoying the character again. I still remember the death of Supergirl back in Crisis on Infinite Earths being such a huge moment, especially because it wasn't spoiled months in advance like most big events these days. When DC introduced Matrix, a character that stepped into the Supergirl role for several years, they told a lot of entertaining stories - but it just wan't the same thing as the original. DC decided to send that version off into the sunset and just never refer to her again so as not to interfere with the reintroduction of the "real" Supergirl in the pages of Superman/Batman (now translated into an animated feature). I was glad this latest version was so much closer to the character's roots, but did not care for the over-sexualized manner in which she was all to often portrayed. I found that inappropriate and was glad when DC made a concerted effort to dial that back a few years ago.


WildCard said...

I had Supergirl's death in Crisis spoiled for me pre-internet. When I went to my store to get Crisis #5, they had up a huge poster that was the cover of Crisis #7. It was a LONG two months anticipating what was coming. I was so numb that I didn't react as I should have when Flash died in the next issue.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

The image I wish I could get out of my head is of Kara Zor-El in that skimpy outfit with the puffed cheeks and pouty lips standing beside Darkseid.

I just found it cringe-worthy...

Give me a more Silver Age approach to Supergirl...

Remind me again what the point was of killing her off in COIE in '85...?

"How can I miss you if you're never gone?"

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