Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Thing and Superboy

I thought that it was a mistake to remove Superman's time as Superboy from DC's post-Crisis continuity. It unraveled Legion of Super-Heroes continuity and took away an aspect of the character that made him unique among most other superheroes. It seems that some of those Superboy adventures have been retconned back in following DC's latest timeline shift, and who knows how the upcoming Flashpoint time changing series with leave things. One reason I liked to read those Superboy tales as a kid was that the stories took place in Smallville rather than Metropolis and it was easier to identify with Clark Kent's home life. Plus, his sidekick was his dog! Too cool.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That is one sweet cover right there I tell you what!

I think we all lost a little something when DC became more - what "mature", and took away the simpler side of Superman as a boy.

Kon-El has been an interesting replacement - and I consider Superboy/man Prime to be equal to the Devil.

You've got me re-reading Superman & Batman Generations I, II and III! The way Byrne brings it right back around to Clark and Bruce growing up together is fantastic!

Generations 3 kinda faltered and missed a real opportunity to spotlight the Legion. It really meandered with the New Gods and Darkseid...

Ross said...

I agree, I enjoyed the first two, but the III was a bit of a mess.

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