Monday, April 11, 2011

The Thing and Groo the Wanderer

I have been a fan of Sergio Aragones ever since I was a kid and would squint to see all of the tiny marginal cartoons in Mad Magazine. I would love to see all of those marginals collected in one volume some day. Aragones' contributions to that magazine were easily my favorite part. I would even watch Dick Clark and Ed McMahon's Bloopers and Practical Jokes just to see the little animated sequences by Aragones. I was always happy to see him working with Marvel and DC, be it in Plop!, Bat Lash, House of Mystery or his parody specials... he just has one of those cartooning styles that never fails to brings a smile to my face.


diana green said...

Beer? Not cheese dip?
Grimm must be a mendicant!
Nicely done!

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez

That coveer is awesome!

Ben must have been tossed back in time by Von Doom's time machine!

Rol said...

Yay! Rufferto too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :)

I was curious - where did you find that drawing of the Thing? There was a similar one for Thing/Snoopy, though I didn't know the artist on that one either.


Ross said...

Both were found via Google - I'm not sure of the artists either!

Stephen Price said...

It's CloBEERin' Time! Great stuff!

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