Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Batman and The Tick

I was aware of Ben Edlund's comic, but I became a fan of The Tick through his animated TV series. I have seen many comic and superhero parodies, but this one was the most well done for me. The creators had a lot of fun with the genre, but you never got the feeling that they were looking down on it. And The Tick himself is a great character, you have to love his enthusiasm.

The live action series was very short lived but well remembered. I remember watching Patrick Warburton in it and being amazed that such a show even made it to air, it was so different from everything else. It was nice to see that Bat-Manuel went on to become the Mayor of Gotham City in The Dark Knight, though!


Encapuchadoman said...

xD Awesome! I need this crossover for real!

Cathy and Dave said...


A friend turned me on to the comic, and I was hooked.

The cartoon was a pretty decent translation. I have yet to see the live-action version.

Whenever I see a full moon I imagine, "CHA"...

I would imagine The Tick would be right at home with the '50's, Dick Sprang, Batman: The Brave and the Bold style Batman moreso than the '70's era The Batman...but that's just me...Maybe the point-counter-point of the grim and gritty Dark Knight would be funnier...

Mike said...

Ben Edlund has been writing and producing a lot of TV shows lately. He did some Firefly and Angel, he wrote the puppet episode of Angel season 5 which stands out as one of the funnier ones. He’s now a producer and writer for Supernatural, which is a really amazing underrated show that, like most Joss Whedon shows, has a great mythology and interlocking story archs.

LEEE777 said...

Spoooooooooooooooooooooon! ; D

Man, cant believe Tick only made it to like 9 eps of the live-action show :(

A show before its time and still missed even to this day!

Ahhh damn.

Awesome cover btw, this is a MUST criossover!

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