Monday, October 11, 2010

Batman and The Thing

The Thing is my absolute favorite Marvel character. I consider him to be the heart and soul of the Marvel Universe. He has humor, tragedy, and heroism in one big package so he can be used in any type of story. Plus, he is a great team player, whether in the FF or as host star of Marvel Two-In-One. Sure, Spider-Man had met as many folks, but he still came off as a loner to me. To anyone else who is as big a fan of this character as I am... all I can say right now is stay tuned to this blog!

I actually liked the casting of Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm in the FF films, but the decision to try and go with a suit and makeup instead of cgi really killed the character for me. I am glad that the upcoming reboot will be going the computer generated route.


mpjedi2 said...

I gotta say...I totally disagree on the CGI thing.

(heh...that was totally unintended)

The core of the FF is family, the interaction between the four, with Ben being the huge, beating heart of the team. I look at the Hulk movie, or whatever, and, frankly, it never works like it would need to in order to FEEL those relationships between the Four.

I mean, look, I am an actor (struggling, yes...) but there's a special link that happens when you look across into another actor's eyes, and that link is VITAL for these particular characters. You'll never get it with a piece of tape on the end of a stick.

Ross said...

You make a good argument, but in that case, they really need better makeup effects on the actor!

BFIrrera said...

You've got to post the "second part" of this crossover as a "Marvel Two In One" cover now!

Ross said...

Hmmmm. Well, I AM a huge MTIO fan...

Cathy and Dave said...

I second both!

I enjoyed Chiklis as BOTH Ben Grimm and The Thing, especially in the second film. CGI may work for Avatar or The Hulk, but not The Thing. I don't think Johnny and Ben's interaction will be anything like it was.

I can only see a Batman - Thing team-up as a Spawn / Spider-Man team-up = crossover!

By the way, is Alicia looking in the direction of the gunshot or at The Batman?
: )

Mikeyboy said...

Alicia is not looking at anything.

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