Friday, October 22, 2010

Batman and Tom Strong

I enjoyed Alan Moore's line of ABC Comics for DC and the standouts in my opinion were Promethea, Top 10 and the flagship character, Tom Strong. Moore amalgamated parts from Superman, Batman, Doc Savage, Reed Richards, Tarzan and more to create this character with which he could tell stories in a wide variety of genres. These tales were appealing to me in that they felt timeless and were purely about all the fun that the comics medium has to offer without getting bogged down in a grim and gritty tone, which had pervaded the industry since Moore's own Watchmen was published. It's only fitting that Moore himself created a line of comics to counter the dark attitude that had seeped into so many titles. It also did not hurt that the series had beautiful art by Chris Sprouse, Art Adams, Jerry Ordway and others. I did not follow the title after Moore left the writing duties. Hopefully the writers who followed were able to maintain the quality.


Cathy and Dave said...

Fantastic! Two-Face and Tom Strong. I've only read one of the Tom Strong free promo pieces, but I liked it a lot. Brilliant! I liked how Moore broke down the fourth wall, not really talking so much with the reader, but the reader inside the book.

It's a shame that DC got in the way of such an outstanding creative force...

diana green said...

Moore came back at the end to tie Tom Strong into the conclusion of the Promethea story line. Some of the issues by others were OK, some were very good.
Does this mean PROMETHEA/Batman is on the horizon?

Ross said...

Promethea is a tough one, I'd like to do a cover with her, but the intricate artwork makes it a real challenge.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, this composite turned out great.

Tom Strong was fun, but the original Top 10 is still an all time favorite. May be tricky, but I'm going to put in a request for a Batman/Top 10 cover. :)


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