Monday, October 4, 2010

Batman and Hawaii Five-0

After posting the Charlie's Angels cover, I got a request for Hawaii Five-0. I definitely wanted to make this happen because it was definitely one of my favorite shows to watch growing up. I didn't think it was going to work because I could not find any illustrations of the show - there were a couple comic storieds but they were in black and white. Fortunately, I found some old TV Guide covers and some Hawaii Five-0 paperbacks and was able to pick an image that fit.

I checked out the new Hawaii Five-0 series pilot and it was OK, I guess. The problem is that Chin Ho and Kono (played by Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park) were much more enjoyable and watchable than the two main stars. The guys playing Steve McGarrett and Dano don't have a tenth of the chemistry of the originals. I'll stick to Jack Lord!

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Cathy and Dave said...

I've only seen the pilot, too. It feels more magnum, pi than Five-O - and I like the guys playing Jack Lord and James MacArthur - I mean McGarrett and Dan-O...

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