Friday, October 15, 2010

Batman and Red Sonja

Here's a character that I have been trying to get in a cover for a long time, I just couldn't get anything to work on previous attempts. This one was a little trickier than it looks, as I had to rebuild parts of the stone column and the background behind batman as there were other things in the way before.

I didn't get into the sword & sorcery titles until later in life, so my first introduction to Red Sonja was through her guest appearance in Marvel Team-Up. There's something about a gal with a chain mail bikini and broadsword that says you don't want to mess with her! Together with the flowing curly red locks, they make for a great visual and someone you believe could stand side by side with Conan.

I have heard rumors of a Red Sonja film in very early stages of development, to feature Rose McGowan in the title role. I'm not sure about that casting, she is pretty but in my opinion lacks the toughness the character also needs.


Cathy and Dave said...

More George Perez art! Sweet! Would this be part of Bruce Wayne's wacky adventures in time through the multiverse?

Mikeyboy said...

Cool..Alan Davis Bats...nice pic.
Rose dropped Red Sonja...but she'll be in CONAN

Taranaich said...

Hahaha, wow, that's great. I never would've thought of Batman & Red meeting, but hey, I never thought of Archie meeting the Punishier either.

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