Friday, October 29, 2010

Batman and Valkyrie

What can I say, I love characters with winged horses. I have enjoyed Valkyrie as a character since reading of her exploits in The Defenders. I think she has a great look, marrying the medieval and superhero styles together. I am glad that most writers have been able to portray her as incredibly noble and extremely strong without her coming off as bitchy, which sometimes happens with tough female characters. She fit in well with the group and had interesting relationships with the various members such as Hellcat and the Hulk. I am glad to see that she is starring in a comic again, Secret Avengers. I have read decent reviews of this title and plan to pick it up when it hits TPB. It'll be nice to see Val in action again.

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Lee Houston, Junior said...

I can't believe that no one else has commented on this before me.
An appropriate choice with Max Zeus for the villain.
But while I am not up on current Marvels either, I do remember Valkyrie being messed around with (in my humble opinion) between writers during the height of the Women's Liberation movement. Probably because some of the male writers of the time were unsure of what was going on with that to begin with, yet wanted to appear aware of current events.
Yet she's definitely a character with lots of room for development if handled properly, so I hope Barbara Norris (or have they changed her name?) is doing well in Secret Avengers.

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