Monday, October 25, 2010

Batman and The Black Knight

I enjoy characters that are a mix of the old and new, and the Black Knight is a good example of this. I always thought that he had a great design, especially his helmet. Another cool thing about Dane Whitman is the fact that he gets around on a winged horse - that always makes for an impressive visual. Over the years, some writers have chosen to update The Black Knight to make him more modern in appearance - trading in the cape for a leather jacket, the ebony blade for an energy sword, and Strider the flying horse for an atomic steed. I did not really care for these changes, as I prefer the classic look. I have lost track of this character and do not know what he has been up to lately - hopefully he is back to his traditional garb.


Mikeyboy said...


earth-two said...

Okay if you have a cover for the Marvel ripoff of the original, I hope you have one with the genuine article... The Shining Knight (addendum: Dane Whitman is actually an alright character and I love the concept but it is so derivative of Sir Justin down to the round table connection, the flying horse and special sword, not to mention the alias)

Cathy and Dave said...


One of my favorite episodes of this new animated Brave and the Bold series was Batman and Green Arrow summoned to ancient Camelot by Merlin to face Morgaine Le Fey.

I'm no rocket-scientist or brain surgeon, but in most cases a reboot or redesign that's ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT in most cases shows weak editing and/or writing.

If it ain't broke - don't fix it...I'm just sayin'...

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