Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Batman and Thor

I was lucky to find two snowstorm images that I could combine here. I miss Thor's classic look, the armored sleeves in his latest version don't really work for me. I can understand why Marvel made the change though, as they were probably anticipating the need for a more film friendly costume. Unless you are Arnold or Sly, it is very hard to make bare arms look big on screen, as we saw with the unfortunate Hawkman costume on last season's Smallville. Still, I wish they would go back to the classic look for the comics.

I am really looking forward to the film, I love Branagh as a director and the footage I have seen so far looks very promising. My one concern is the fact that we have barely seen the helmet. We know it's in there, the prop was at Comicon and we see the back of it briefly in the teaser... but nowhere else. I hope they feature Thor in full costume, helmet and all, for plenty of screen time.


Cathy and Dave said...

Very nice cover! Is that another Aparo combo? Batman and Thor by Aparo? Nice...

I plan on putting on some very comfortable clothes - like sweatpants - so I can watch Thor a few times! Finally, a hero of nationality! I can be proud of my scandinavian heritage! MY hero carries a hammer for a smackdown!

Ross said...

I'm pretty sure that's a John Buscema Thor. I would have loved to have seen Aparo's take, though!

Anonymous said...

I like Romita Jr.'s art. Very solid, crisp, gritty, and well designed.

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