Friday, August 6, 2010

Batman and The Doom Patrol

This is one of the very first covers I did, which is why it is a little ragged, especially the word balloon. I like it anyway because of the 100% Aparo artwork, which always makes me happy.

The Doom Patrol has probably the coolest team name in comics. I originally discovered them through reprints and really dug their unique look and scarred personalities. When the New Teen Titans included them in an early story line, I got an inkling of how fun their present day adventures might be. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before the whole team was revived. They have gone through several series in the ensuing years, and each of them has been markedly different from one another. Despite all the creative changes, this team of offbeat heroes is just odd enough to roll with whatever is handed to them and they keep on persevering.

I must say, I do miss Tempest from this version of the DP, I thought he was pretty cool and was bummed when they killed him off.


Robert McKinney said...

They killed off Tempest?!? :-(

Anonymous said...

this is amazing....
celsius is my favourite heroine

keep up the great work...

Id love to see:

Batman and the Peoples Heroes

Batman and Queen Hippolyte

Batman VS the Phantom Zone villains

Batman and the all star squadron

Anonymous said...

How about the original Doom Patrol and the original X-Men.

Ross said...

That one has already been done, just check the archives!

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