Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Batman and The Invaders

I am a sucker for superhero period pieces so The Invaders was a concept that really appealed to me, it was Marvel's closest analogue to the JSA. Captain America, Namor and the original Human Torch were so different from one another that is was always cool to see them in action together.

Of all the announcements to come out of the upcoming Captain America movie the most intriguing tidbit is that the Invaders are slated to appear. I'm not sure which characters they will use or how long the team will be featured in the film, but it should be very cool to see these characters up on the screen. My guess is they will use some of the second string members like Spitfire and Union Jack.


Rick said...

This is a great team up. I have always loved the Invaders. I think they will only show Torch, Namor and Bucky in the movie but I could be wrong. Hey since Batman is considered the world's greatest detective have you thought of teaminghim up with Sherlock Holmes? You could do another period piece.

Ross said...

I hope you are right, I 'd love to see them include Namor and Jim Hammond!

I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan but have resisted doing a cover using hime since he and Batman have already teamed up twice in Detective Comics.

Rick said...

I thought they did team up in the comics before but I wasn't sure.

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