Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Batman and The Inhumans

I’ve been hearing good things about The Inhumans again lately. Apparently they have been playing a sizeable role in Marvel’s recent cosmic events from Annihilation onward. I am really going to have to catch up on some of that because I have been a big fan of the characters for years. I enjoyed their run in Amazing Adventures and their many guest starring appearances, as well as the stellar mini-series by Paul Jenkins and Jai Lee.

This team has a great line-up, each with an interesting look and power. My favorites are Medusa with her crazy hair, the aquatic Triton, teleporting pooch Lockjaw and their leader, Black Bolt, I think one of the best decisions made with The Inhumans was to not give Black Bolt any thought balloons, in addition to the obvious absence of speech balloons unless it is one of those rare times that he uses his devastating vocal chords. Having his thoughts and emotions conveyed solely through body language and interpretations from Medusa has made him one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in Marvel’s possession.


Anonymous said...

Another cool little point about copyright laws is the fact that just making these mock covers is and of itself - a parody.
So you're stepping on no ones toes and not benefitting in any way except to have a cool little hobby.
We your blog followers appreciate your time effort and work. :)

Michael Jones said...

My favourites were always Karnak & Gorgon. I'd love to see them all meet Batman.

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