Sunday, August 1, 2010

Batman and The Black Widow

With her inclusion in Iron Man 2 and soon to be The Avengers. Black Widow is set to have a higher visibility than she has ever had. Scarlett Johansson was fine in the role, although I would have liked to have heard a Russian accent in there somewhere. Yes, I realize that a superspy of her caliber would have mastered many dialects including American, but still...

It is strange to see the character introduced to movie audiences this way. I first became aware of her when she was a regular co-star to Daredevil. I always liked the two together and felt she was more at home in the more street level adventures. I did like her as a member of The Champions though, and those adventures could be pretty far out.


Randy said...

Batman and Black Widow look like they belong together on that cover there. Another great job!

c lue said...

Randy said it: especially great match of styles here! Every idea is inspiring, and the concept is just terrific. Covers for the comics found in dreams.

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