Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Batman and The Green Hornet

My first memories of The Green Hornet were from listening to his classic radio adventures. I especially loved that Britt Reid was the son of Dan Reid, who was The Lone Ranger's nephew. Very cool bit of shared universes there.

The Green Hornet is due for a big budget film adaptation, Headed by Seth Rogen. The trailer seems to lean heavily on the comedic side, but hopefully the humor won't be too much at the expense of the characters. I must say Kato looks pretty impressive from what I have seen.


Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Great cover as useual.
Challenge Requests!

The Monkeys
Power Pack
Archie Bunker
Middle Man
Men in Black
Dr Grant from Jurasic Park
Harry Potter
Edward Cullen & Jacob Black

Earthbound Misfit said...

I liked the thought of this. But, the graphics don;t mesh as well as some or most of the others.Most likely due to the periods they were done in. If the Green Hornets artwork was a little more crisp or Batman's were a little less crisp. It would have been a better blend. You've done some great work so far. Can't wait to see more.

Ross said...

Yeah, the poses work but it's tough to mesh a painting with traditional line art.

Ross said...

Jack, check the archives, Galactus and Power Pack have already been posted. Your other suggestions are fun but don't hold your breath waiting for a Twilight cover!

Mike Thomas said...

I've always loved that Steranko GH painting. I remember seeing it (the original) at a Philly comiccon in about 1990.

Anonymous said...

If You're interested, There's a few episodes of the tv series on Youtube:




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