Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Batman and The Green Lantern Corps

I have high hopes for the upcoming Green Lantern film. I have always thought it is the perfect property for a film franchise, marrying the superhero and science fiction genres the way it does. I like the cast and director, and it would be great to see them do Hal Jordan justice. Of course, for me it will be even more exciting to see some of Gl's fellow Corps members brought to life on the big screen. Abin Sur, Kilowog, Tomar Re and more are slated to appear and I can't wait to see how they look. A picture of Kilowog was leaked on the net this weeks, and it looks promising.

There's one GLC member that I really hope will appear, but it is probably a long shot since he is so odd looking - Chaselon! I giant sentient diamond, with robotic limbs and a mohawk? That's just awesomeness personified! And just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creativity of all the writers and artists who have worked on Green Lantern over the years.

Here's a page featuring GLC member John Stewart, by longtime GL artist Joe Staton:

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diana green said...

I'm really enjoying these and have linked on my blog.
Hey, if you want a REAL challenge, how about Batman and Nexus, or Batman and Miracleman, or Batman and the Fat Fury?

Ross said...

Thanks, Diana! I haven't read any adventures of those characters so know very little about them. I keep hoping the legal issues will get resolved so I can finally read those Miracleman stories. I'm a big Steve Rude fan too, but never got around to checking out Nexus. I always liked his look though.

Anonymous said...

That Bat Man shot is from the interior of a JLA issue right?
As for legal issues....these are Mock/parody/satire way to get around the legalese is a funny caption someplace on the cover...then you can do anything.
Have you got a Sub Mariner or DR Doom or even a Thing or Man Thing cover somewhere in the works?

Ross said...

Dr. Doom and Man-Thing have already been posted and Thing and Sub-Mariner are coming soon!

Ross said...

The Batman is from a JLA cover actually.

Randy said...

Batman comes from the cover of JLA 170.

Getting the GL Corps to help him against the Joker seems a bit....excessive though.

Maybe it should have been a rematch against Bane.

Ross said...

Well, that was kinda the joke...

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