Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Aqualad and Iron Man


An oddball pairing here but this was a case in which I noticed that I had a couple of images that seemed to go together well.  I can definitely see a story that mixes both Manhunter and Stark Tech.  Garth doesn't get enough respect, especially these days, and it would be nice to see him take center stage again.


Detective Tobor said...

100% in agreement with you Ross...all the way.

Carycomic said...

"Why has Obadiah Stane awakened the Manhunters of the Mediterranean?"

My first guess would be...because the Super Skrull didn't get it done for him in STF #3994! Anymore than Shiwan Khan and Orm Marius were able to psych out Aquaman in STF #3995.

I can hear some of my fellow readers groaning out there: "Oh, no! Here he goes again, with another of his Sheldonian fanboy conspiracy theories." But, let's face it. Two of these last eight covers have featured ex-Teen Titans from the Perez era. All three have involved members of Atlantean royalty. So I would say the evidence is incontrovertible.*

This has been another of Ross' brilliantly subtle trilogies.
*I've always wanted to use that word!

Bob Greenwade said...

I dunno about Garth, but I totally agree with you about the images and the story they suggest.

R.J. Kelly said...

The DC image is Thibert? Thought it would have been Aparo.

Anonymous said...

Earth-STF's counterpart of Mr. Aparo was probably too busy refereeing this morning's fight between The Spectre and Godzilla.

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