Monday, October 3, 2022

Captain Britain and Firestorm (Part Two)


For the conclusion of this two-part tale, we see the reason for Brian Braddock's actions in the previous issue.  Let's hope our heroes can get control of the city's residents before it's too late. There was some talk of Henry Cavill moving over to the MCU to play Captain Britain, but now all the chatter seems to be about him returning to play Superman in a few cameos.  Stories seem to change every few days, so who knows how things will all pan out.


Detective Tobor said...

Nice cover. If someone is tone deaf would they be affected by the notes and vibrations?

Carycomic said...

Marvel's Crossfire might be. He's also become a master of mind-controlling sound due to some kind of hearing loss. As for Henry Cavill? All these conflicting rumors might be Time-Warner/Discovery's way of controlling spoilers. For instance, if I were a publicist for the above conglomerate, I might try to start a diversionary rumor that, in the JLA sequel, Brandon Routh was returning as Superman, Grant Gustin was replacing Ezra Miller as the cinematic Flash, and Henry Cavill had been permanently downgraded to playing the Pied Piper!

Talk about bears not seeing trees for the forests they organically fertilize.

Speaking of the Pied Piper, though; I admit it. You fooled me. :-)

It would appear that, as a composite super-being, Firestorm was immune to the Pied Piper's music. As in, he apparently can't control two minds in the same body. So, he tried to have Capt. Britain take out the only major threat to whatever London-based scheme that Rathaway is currently implementing!

Anonymous said...

@Cary: or, maybe, you were half-right. Maybe it's the Pied Piper being impersonated by a Space Phantom!

Markoteiro said...

No dude.
Firestorm shouldn even face Firestar(thats Koriander Starfire brawl).
It should be his Captain MarvelRick Jones counterpart on the cover.

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