Monday, August 15, 2022

Sandman and Moon Knight


It sounds as though Moon Knight will be getting another season on Disney+.  That's good news, as the series left off on a huge cliffhanger and I want to see where the Steven Grant/Marc Spector/Jake Lockley story goes.  I do hope to see more of Moon Knight in costume the next time around - and less blackout moments when the action begins!  It will be great to see Oscar Isaac return and hopefully we'll see his character interact with some other members of the MCU.


Carycomic said...

Let me guess. Their antagonist is Morpheus. No, not the mutant shape-changer! I mean the nightmare-inducing insomniac who was briefly allied with Black Spectre. No! Not Mandrill's one-time all-girl terrorist group.

I mean MK's evil brother!

Jeff "Snood" Christiansen should really do an OHOTMU (Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe) themed around nomenclature recycling.

BigMike20X6 said...

Now I want to see Morpheus aka Dream meet or replace Morpheus in the Matrix

Bob Greenwade said...

It would be great to see Moon Knight (and Scarlet Scarab) actually meet other heroes in the MCU. MK would be lots of fun alongside Daredevil or the new Black Widow (Yelena Belova), and SS would be interesting alongside Captain America (Sam Wilson).

Detective Tobor said...

A very captivating layout. The moon lit tableau at 3 am - non facial expressions aside. The summer night winds blowing across the rooftops. The sheer quiet of the hour. Change is about to begin.

Anonymous said...

@Det. Tobor: Wouldn't it be ironic if they ran up against Dr. No-Face?

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