Sunday, June 26, 2022

Static Joins The New Warriors


With the introductions of America Chavez and Kamala Khan to the MCU, there's been a lot of discussion about Marvel setting up a team of Young Avengers.  That's sounds good, but what about the teen team that predated them?  New Warriors always had an interesting cast of characters, and it would be cool to see them in live action some day.


Carycomic said...

You're right, Ross. Cinematic creation of a Marvel teen super-group would certainly be a major "Milestone." If for no other reason than to have Night Thrasher finally upgrade his skateboard, courtesy of Rocker Racer!

By the way, is that supposed to be Cinderblock controlled by Joey "Jericho" Wilson during the latter's renegade phase?

Carycomic said...

@Carycomic: great pun! _Now_,you get Bob's whole cookie jar. :-)

Detective Tobor said...

New Warriors have a solid foundation to their historical importance, but with the movie Civil War having already made the point they were being used for, they aren't needed in "this timeline". But if Marvel keeps finding new multiverses, anything might still be discovered.

Bob Greenwade said...

This didn't occur to me until I read this, but it could be that the Young Avengers characters could call themselves the New Warriors. It's highly unlikely, but still possible.

Of course there are other Young Avengers available besides Ms. Marvel and Miss America, or potentially so:

- Stature may get her origin in Quantumania
- Wiccan and Speed just need to join the 616 reality
- Patriot probably just needs to throw on a costume
- Ironheart may fill in Iron Lad's spot
- Some have said that Spider-Man should lead the group*

@Cary: If you mean the title, that's not a pun. It's a pop-culture reference, and if I handed out cookies for such, it'd only be worth two.

*This is based on the fact that he has past experience not only as an Avenger, but also taking a leadership role with his older counterparts in No Way Home. If not for potential complications with the Sony deal, I'd agree. Even so, letting Peter help the team set themselves up would probably still work.

Greggory Basore said...

The biggest problem with introducing The New Warriors into the MCU, is also the thing made them so cool when they premiered in the comics. They were a mix of previously established young characters (Speedball, Firestar, Marvel Boy, Nova, Namorita, later on Rage) mixed with newly introduced characters (Night Thrasher, Silohuette, later on Hindsight Lad) created for the series.

Introducing all of those character at once would be tricky and hard to pull off. This might be part of the reason why the previous effort by Hulu or ABC Freeform, to do a streaming series fell through. Sure, it was also likely stopped in production by Disney/Marvel restructuring their TV division leading up to the creation of Disney+, but the complexity of doing a first season show introducing so many characters was also a big part of why it took long enough in development to get the ax.

Going with just the characters on the cover, the one who could most easily be introduced right now is Nova, not necessarily the Richard Ryder version, but a version of Nova could be established as a member of a reemerging Nova Corp. from Earth and charged with protecting the part of the galaxy where our Planet is.

Next on the list is Namorita, due to the likely true rumors that her older cousin Namor is going to be in Black Panther II, which could open a door for her.

After that is Speedball, who could technically be introduced at any time as a new solo hero, but would likely take lower priority than the already/almost established characters.

Firestar and Marvel Boy are a harder pair to bring in, because as mutants their on the wait list for whenever Marvel brings that element into the MCU.

Night Thrasher and Silohuette are essential to the founding of the team and would best be introduced with a New Warriors show, in much the same way that they were introduced into the comics.

So, with all that in mind, alongside the already announced plans by Marvel Studios, I think it'd be at least the late '20/early '30s before they could have enough ground work laid down to even start working towards a New Warriors show. Which is fine by me. I'm willing to wait that long. We all waited so long for movies to get this cool anyway... and besides, I'm still waiting on Sleepwalker to get introduced, which is probably a long shot of happening anytime soon in the way I'd like it too.

On a side note, has there ever been a "combo team" with New Warriors and Teen Titans merging into one group i.e. The New Titans? Seems like an idea that has to have come about, but if not, a cover with Night Thrasher and Night Wing arguing over who's gonna lead the group, with maybe some snarky commentary from Speedball and Beast Boy, would be a fun thing to see.

Carycomic said...

@BG:---nope! I meant the imprint reference.

Bob Greenwade said...

@Cary: DC's on all the imprints here. (Though given recent events involving She Who Must Not Be Named, I kind of wish Ross would switch it to Marvel, or create one of his own.)

Carycomic said...

Oh! Then, in the immortal words of Emily Littela: "Never mind!"

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