Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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In the upcoming year, you'll see more Continued Stories, more Photo Covers, more Anniversary Issues, more new and returning STF teams, more characters making their STF debuts, more romance, More action, More whimsy!  I'm trying to put out more of the type of content that has generated the most positive reactions in the past. I look forward to sharing what I have created with you and continuing to create even more.  Thanks for coming by for your daily dose of team up fun!


Chuck said...

Have you used any of the shortlived Atlas Comics heroes before? It might be a way to get them some exposure with some of the more popular heroes from other lines ... say, a team of the Scorpion (Chaykin's version) with Rueben Flagg or the Destructor with Spider-Man or the Phoenix with the all-new, all-different X-Men...

Ross said...

I'm just not that familiar with them. I've heard of a few if their names, but that's it.

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