Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Rocketeer and The Phantom


It looks like The Rocketeer is finally getting a sequel, in the form of a Disney+ movie.  David Oyelowo will produce and star as the next person to pick up the jetpack.  The Return of the Rocketeer sounds to be a continuation of the story and not a remake, so it would be nice to see Billy Campbell make an appearance, if only to pass the torch.  I look forward to see the new Rocketeer in high flying action with today's special effects capabilities.


Carycomic said...

That should prove interesting, indeed. Providing the scriptwriters don't revise the "final" draft at the last minute! But, knowing modern Hollywood's reputation, I won't hold my breath in the hope that won't happen.

As for today's cover? Highly intriguing! One could almost surmise that the woman in the co-pilot's seat is Sela ("Queen of the Feminist Sky Pirates!") working undercover to sabotage some female-trafficking airline.

With the initially duped help of Kit Walker and Cliff Secord, of course.

det_Tobor said...

A veritable shopping list of requests for the rest of the year:
Ghostbusters encounter // the ghostly trio // Kolchak // Mars Attacks

The Phantom encounters /Wonder Woman/ S.H.I.E.L.D.

S...is for Sandman (all three) and Sleepwalker VS Nightmare

Rocketeer and Robin (Getting his wings)

Would you want to even try Rocketeer and Rocket Raccoon? ( Rocket's Red Glare!)

det_Tobor said...

Cliff's question was, "Why be a Walker when you can be a Flyer?"

Carycomic said...

@Det. Tobor: or, better yet? Mars Attacks Kolchak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak!

Special guest-star...Billy Joel.

Wolfhammer said...

A truly awesome cover! Great job Ross.

Ross said...

Thanks, Wolfhammer!

Horsefeathers of the Jungle said...

Pat Boyette? Good artist. These styles blend nicely. Ross do you have to memorize where the shots you want are or do you adapt what's in your character folders?

Ross said...

A bit of both.

Simreeve said...

I'd definitely read this.
and Horsefeathers of the Jungle is right, the artwork does blend verrry well.

det_Tobor said...
"Cliff's question was, "Why be a Walker when you can be a Flyer?""
Good line!


Three connected suggestions, in 'historical' order (although, of course, the story might be told in reversed order -- as the modern characters look back into the past conflicts with their supernatural opponent -- instead):

Zhered-Na and Arion of Atlantis
Dakimh the Enchanter and Dr Fate
Jennifer Kale and Jennifer Morgan

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