Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wonder Woman and Nick Fury

I'm hoping that we get some sort of Invisible Jet in Wonder Woman 1984.  Sure, it may hearken back to the cheesy Super Friends era of the character, but I've always thought it was a cool ride.  Besides, James Wan was able to make Aquaman riding a giant seahorse look cool, so I am confident that Patty Jenkins can bring the amazing Amazon's plane to the big screen in an impressive way.

Coming tomorrow: STF #2600!


det_Tobor said...

The answer of course is, Yes! He'll be in the nick of time to save the Prince! You'd have to be psycho to think otherwise.

Mickey said...

I like this pairing. I could imagine, if Wonder Woman had been a Marvel character, different scenarios where these two would work together. In the contemporary times, she might have connections to SHIELD, not unlike those of the Black Widow. She might have been a part of that three issue story in Marvel Team Up featuring Spidey, Widow, Fury, and Shang Chi. In World War Two, she might have encountered Fury with his the Howling Commandos.

Great pairing, and I look forward to #2600 tomorrow.

mindful webworker said...

Had to enlarge this one, just to admire Kirby's flying car work.

I remember the thrill when I read that Strange Tales with that first SHIELD story. Sgt Fury aged, with an eyepatch. Tony Stark just as Stark, no Iron Man. The ever-lovin' two-page reveal of the heli-carrier!

Kirby blew Bond and UNCLE gimmicks out of the water.

Carycomic said...

Psycho-Man, huh? I wonder if he might have heard about Wonder Woman from Queen Atomia?

Simreeve said...

Scrolling down the page, and seeing who was involved before seeing most of the actual picture, I expected this to feature the depowered Diana from the 1970s... but [i]this[/i] definitely works too.

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