Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lara Croft and Man-Thing

Alicia Vikander has been cast as the new cinematic Lara Croft.  I have not seen her Oscar-winning performance in The Danish Girl, but I though she did a fine job in Ex Machina.  Still, that role is quite different from the hero of Tomb Raider and she seems pretty petit for an action star.  Hopefully she will undergo enough physical preparation for her to provide a convincing depiction of the video game icon.


Cary Killingbeck said...

I would've cast Noomi Rapace, myself. She did a great job as Elizabeth Shaw, that born-again 21st century archeologist in PROMETHEUS! So, I have no doubt she would've done an equally convincing job as the new Tomb Raider.

That being said, I have to ask you, Ross: is this temple housing a duplicate of the M'kraan Crystal? Seeing as how the Floridian Nexus on Earth-616 is usually depicted as a bubbling spring (surrounded by all kinds of glowing teleportals).

Cary Killingbeck said...

WOW! No other comments, at all? Sorry, Ross.

Your regular reviewers must be disappointed that she wasn't drawn to look more like Angelina Jolie.

Ross said...

It's always interesting to see which posts get more comments than others, Cary. The new comics llok to be based on the new Tomb Raider games, which feature a less Jolie-esque Croft.

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