Sunday, February 15, 2015

Metamorpho and Judge Dredd

When I was a kid, I loved drawing superheroes. In those early years, one difficulty I used to have was with illustrating hands.  For that reason I really liked to draw Metamorpho.  Since since the intricacies of fingers and thumbs were too much for me, I would just have him transforming his hands into sledge hammers or giant wrenches.  Problem solved!


pblfsda said...

There's a great Peanuts strip in which Charlie Brown does a Freudian analysis of a drawing Linus made, speculating about why his figure's arms are positioned the way they are and ending with Linus saying that he drew the man with his arms behind his back "because I can't draw hands!"

Good luck to Judge Dredd. It's going to take more than shouting, "I am the law-- of conservation of matter!" to deal with Metamorpho.

Anonymous said...

Is Metamorpho being captured by Dredd with that coffeepot-like device? Or did Dredd release him from it (decades after Simon Stagg entrapped him within it)?

Ross said...

I intended him being trapped Ghostbusters-style, but in can be whatever one you think makes for a better story!

Anonymous said...

Ghostbusters-style sounds better. ;-)

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