Friday, February 13, 2015

Adam Strange and Star-Lord (Part One)

If former C-lister Star-Lord can become the star of the highest grossing movie of the year, there's no reason that Adam Strange couldn't flourish in live action as well.  The story of a man who divides his time as a regular Joe on Earth and a Champion on the other side of the galaxy seems perfect for the big screen.  Heck, it could even make for a cool TV series.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's cover, these two aren't done adventuring together yet!


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing an on-line art gallery for prize-winners, for a fan film poster contest, based on DC characters. First runner-up went to the poster for a then-non-existent GL film, using the tag line:

"In Brighest Day,
In Darkest Night,
In Theatres July 4."

The winner, of course, was an Adam Strange poster that asked:

"How Far Would You Go For The Woman You Loved?"

"Adam Strange Is About To Go 93,000,000 Miles!"

jrp04f said...

That would make for a nice series idea. Sadly, SyFy totally dropped the ball doing so with their FLASH GORDON adaptation a few years ago, so I'm afraid the idea may be toxic at the moment.

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