Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild Dog and Judge Dredd

I'm guessing that the only way a by-the-books character like Judge Dredd would team up with loose cannon like Wild Dog is if he found himself on the wrong side of the law as well.  It might be fun to watch these two forced to depend on each other while battling a government organization out to take them down.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Judge Dredd part of a dystopian future, though? How would he go back in time to team-up with an Eighties anti-hero, who dressed like a cross between the Punisher and Jason Voorhees?

Ross said...

This is the Earth-STF Dredd, so it all makes sense.

BigMike20X6 said...

It never stopped any of the 50 Judge Dredd/Batman crossovers, did it? Hell Dredd met Lobo once for some reason.

Anonymous said...

What's Earth-STF?

And, Batman had _two_ adventures with Dredd? Seriously?!

Anonymous said...

@ Mike Shirley.

I just googled it. And, you're right. As Burt Ward might say:

"Holy Never-Should've-Been-Done-Even-Once-In-The-First-Place!"

Ross said...

Earth STF = Earth Super-Team Family, where all of these adventures take place, of course!

Anonymous said...

*Slaps his forehead.*

D'ohhhhh! Of course. How much more obvious could it have been?

LEEE777 said...

OMG, best cover ever!

Loved The Checkmate, had all the first series with all the gold and black agents in it, lost its way in the second series and lets not even talk about the New52 lol.

DREDD and WILD DOG too! Love them, got all WILD DOG's comic books and when he was in Action Comics!!!

Damn, I'd save up and pay triple numbers for this comic book if it existed!

Pure awesome, big ^5 Ross.

Wild Dog could actually make quite a nice small budget DC movie I reckon.

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