Thursday, July 31, 2014

Robin and Iron Fist

Netflix' Daredevil seems to be well underway. with a cast and premiere date announced, so hopefully we will start hearing some news on the rest of their upcoming Marvel series.  I'm not sure who I would pick to portray Danny Rand, Iron Fist.  I have read that Zac Ephron has been in the running for a Marvel role, but I just can't see him in the role.  Whoever they choose, I hope they have equal acting and martial arts chops.


Jim Ryan said...

It;s not Spider-Man?

You mean, it's *this* guy...?

AirDave said...

Could it be the Superior Spider-Man?

I'm not going to speculate as to who I think should play Iron Fist. I would not have picked either Robert Downey, Jr. or Michael Keaton to play Iron Man or Batman. I'm not sure I would have cast Ben Affleck. I'm pretty sure that I would not have cast Daniel Craig as James Bond - but he's grown on me.

I've come to see that a television or film adaptation is nothing like the comic books.

Take this new Fantastic Four film as an example. It could be epic or fail.

LEEE777 said...

Awesome, wonder if Batman & Powerman is coming up son? ;P

Great work as usual!

AirDave @ Epic? I'll bet money the new rebooted FF Trank movie will Tank, hopefully tank hard, rights back to Marvel ;)

Ross said...

Batman has met Luke Cage a couple of times, check the archives!

LEEE777 said...

Okay Ross, thanks :)

Cheers I will!

Anonymous said...

What about Ray Park? He used his real-life martial arts expertise to enhance his performances as both Darth Maul (SWEp-I: THE PHANTON MENACE) and Mortimer "the Toad" Toynbee (X-MEN I).

mxty1 said...

Great cover! What actual comic was this taken from?

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