Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plastic Man and Howard the Duck

These two characters each seem to work best when their stories embrace the absurdities of life, so I imagine that a tale featuring them together would be filled with plenty of crazy antics and plot twists.  Comics are getting a bit too grim and serious for my tastes these days, so I hope these guys return soon to bring some of the fun back.


Bob Greenwade said...

Howard and Plas have something else in common: they live as "funny strip" characters in otherwise realistically-drawn worlds. And that makes this team-up even more perfect.

Of course the ultimate in antic-based characters on DC's side is Ambush Bug... whom I'm still wanting to see teamed up with Wolverine! (If ever that was an opportunity to contrast the grim with the silly, that would be it... unless you used Punisher instead. But I prefer Wolvie, since he does have an occasional brighter side.)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess that the Howard impersonator is a surgically altered Mallard Fillmore (recently escaped from Earth-Capt. Carrot).

Snapper Carr said...

"Comics are getting a bit too grim and serious for my tastes these days"

It's too bad that the big wigs at DC/Marvel can't re-read or peruse the old Golden Age-Silver Age comics to see what made them sell and make people want to read them.

It's the big wigs think they're too smart to listen to other people.

Anonymous said...

Sad, but true, Snapper.


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