Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Empire Strikes The X-Men

Star Wars Episode VII has hit a speed bump with Harrison Ford's on-set injury.  Han Solo is reportedly very heavily featured in the film, so filming around a broken ankle and waiting for it to heal will certainly delay production.  I don't mind if the release date is moved though - I would rather have that than rushed filming or a diminished role for Ford.

The events of this story will lead directly into tomorrow's issue,so be sure to check back!


AirDave said...

Very cool!!!

I read Marvel's Star Wars comics back in the day growing up. They were awesome!

Bob Greenwade said...

I completely agree with you, Ross, regarding waiting for Harrison Ford's ankle to heal. Someone once said, in reference to a delayed RPG book, "People forget 'late,' but they remember 'bad.'" I've kept to that in my own work, and it should become an adage for all creative works.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the X-Men would get to that galaxy far, far away? By Shi'ar spaceship...via the Dark Horse Nebula? ;-)

LEEE777 said...

X-Men VS The Empire ;p

Very cool!

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