Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Superman and Colossus

The first official picture of Henry Cavill from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released, and other than some minor tweaks to the wrists and belt, it is pretty much the same costume we saw in Man of Steel.  Cavill's hairstyle has changes, and while it suits the character better, I still would like to see the classic spit curl.  An "S" on the cape would be nice to see as well.  The colors look a bit dark still, but the picture looks like a nighttime scene in Gotham City, so I will hold out judgment on that. It's a little strange to be seeing promotional images for a film two years away.


Anonymous said...

superman takes hits from braniac and metallo so colossus shouldnt hurt him unless hes affected by magic or kryptonite then maybe but this was still neat to see

AirDave said...

As a life-long, diehard DC fan, this new Superman saddens me. I like Henry Cavill. Unfortunately, the basic, core DNA of who and what Superman is has changed. I don't recognize the character anymore. Clark Kent was nearly unrecognizable on Smallville, but that was the format of the show and the network. I think Marvel has proven that a comic book character can be successfully adapted to film without a lot of changes.

Mike Shirley said...

And somewhere on another Earth, Red Son Superman is leading the Soviet Super Soldiers

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with my first-in-line namesake. Superman wouldn't even have to duke it out with Colossus! Just melt him into slag with heat vision.

bygrinstow said...

Guys! Guys! Clearly this is one of those stories where it *appears* that Superman is getting the snot beat out of him, but it's a ruse or a stunt of some kind... e.g., "If I let Colossus beat me in this fight, the aliens will think I'm the weakest hero, not the strongest, and they will leave Earth alone..."

Or something.

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