Friday, July 18, 2014

Captain Marvel and Tintin

Billy Batson and Tintin look like they might belong to the same world, so I think this is a team up that could work.  Out of all of the potential DC movies (hopefully we will find out if the leaked movie film slate is the real deal with Warner Brother's Comicon announcements), Shazam! has me the most curious.  The character has gone in so many directions in the comics, I wonder what the film version will draw its source material from.  I say go straight back to the original stories, and keep the sense of whimsy that sets cap apart from Superman and other heroes.


Anonymous said...

They didn't do so with Shaquille O'Neal as Steel. Why should they be anymore faithful with Capt. Shazam?*

*If I use the traditional term, DC's Marvelous Competition might sue us. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Some damned idiot will decide that Captain Marvel needs to be "darker and edgier."

Anonymous said...

Hooray! My suggestion came true!


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