Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zatanna and Doctor Strange in "The Penance of Zatatra!"

One of the first times I really saw how DC's superhero comics were all interconnected was my introduction to Zatanna.  Gardener Fox wrote a series of stories where she guest starred in various comics - Detective, The Atom, Hawkman and Green Lantern - searching for her missing father.  It was very cool when I discovered that all these adventures spanning various titles were linked, and I was dying to find more connections between the heroes I loved.  These early Zatanna appearances are collected in the TPB JLA: Zatanna's Search, well worth seeking out (gorgeous artwork too).


AirDave said...

Really? Wow, I just thought the search for Zatara was in Justice League! I'll have to track that TPB down!

Bob Buethe said...

A similar round-robin storyline in DC's Silver Age involved Dr. Light. After failing to defeat the Justice League in JLA #12, he decided he'd be better off facing them one at a time. He took on the Atom (#8), Green Lantern (#33), Flash (#171 and #223), and Superman (World's Finest #207, with Batman and a cameo by Zatanna, and Action #474). There was also his "Secret Origin" (DC Super-Stars #14) that revealed his first battle against Katar Hol, before he became Hawkman. Those stories would make a good TPB collection, too.

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