Saturday, February 1, 2014

Green Arrow and Ghost Rider

I'm glad I stuck with Arrow on the CW.  Sure, it's still kind of crazy how everyone in the show has model good looks, as happens on most of the shows from that network, but the series has really grown since it began.  The action scenes are great, and Stephen Amell makes a convincing and likable Green Arrow.  Oliver Queen is progressing towards being the full fledged hero from the comics, interacting with lots of characters from the DC Universe.  The last episode had Amanda Waller recruiting The Bronze Tiger for the Suicide Squad, so that has me really looking forward to the future.  I can't wait for The Flash to come on the air to see how the two series will interact.


Ed said...

I watched one episode of "Arrow". Whoever the main character was, he was not the Green Arrow that I have come to know over the years. When they changed the comic book character to match the TV show character, I was pretty pissed.

Because you are a fellow fan of the old stuff, and you like the new Arrow, I might give it another chance.

Anonymous said...

You should listen to Ross and give it another chance, Ed! Maybe see them on dvd or netflix or something. I really enjoy Arrow and I too am a fan of the "old stuff." It is better than the SHIELD show. Sure each episode has 5 or 10 minutes of CW soap opera stuff and all the actors are potential teen heartthrobs, but otherwise it's pure comic book goodness.

Anonymous said...

For me there's only one Arrow, the angry, annoying, sexist,loudmouth malcontent knee-jerk liberal, who seemed to get his kicks off mocking Batman to his face.
Lord, I miss that guy! One of my favorite characters!

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