Friday, February 7, 2014

Adam Strange Vs. Galactus / Guardian Vs. Guardian

With all the snowstorms this season, it's been a good time to hole up inside and watch some double features.  In that spirit, this cover features a couple of tales that I think would make for a fun one-two punch of a comic.


Anonymous said...

What a great cover Ross! Indeed, it reminds me of younger days at home, buried in comics and other reading material while listening to music. Thanks!


John Platt said...

That is either one or the worst or the best puns of all time!

AirDave said...

"Rann Snacked!" That's brilliant! Ha!

Awesome cover!

Charming Natural Reviews said...

I was going to comment on the pun, but it's all been said and done. Though you could send Galactus to Apokolips to contend with Darkseid, there's a planet that's already well-fried!

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