Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dick Tracy and Batwoman

There's something about the original Batwoman that I always got a kick out of.  Maybe it was the the way she flustered Batman and Robin by involving herself in their adventures, or maybe it was just her cool looking costume, complete with Bat-Purse, that you could never get away with today.  It might have been fun to see her mix it up with Dick Tracy the way she would with the caped crusaders.  They both looked great in yellow!


AirDave said...

What I've always liked is that Here's Batman. His costume is all about dark colors and shadows and casting fear - and along comes Robin and Batwoman - all smiles and bright colors - didn't anyone get the memo on the Batman theme?

Wriphe said...

It took me several seconds to see that was the roof of a car on the bottom right. I kept thinking it was Plastic Man.

eric said...

Loved the " crushed hand" nice homage to Chester Gould

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