Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Batman and Powers

Brian Michael Bendis is well known for his Marvel work, but my favorite stories of his are from before he joined the mainstream superhero world.  I enjoyed Jinx and Torso, and especially Powers.  He and artist Michael Avon Oeming told cool stories of cops in a world of superheroes, filled with mystery, plot twists, and great dialogue.  A TV series was recently attempted, but never made it to air.  It's too bad, it would make a cool live action show.

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AirDave said...

This is an awesome cover. I love the old-school Batman logo and the Classic look of Batman!

I read a few issues of Powers. I liked it. I like Bendis. I like his writing. I like what he did with Ultimate Spider-Man. I actually liked how he brought The Avengers back and his view of the team.

I don't think a character or a team needs more than one book, though. I think more than one book eliminates that "rareness". I think it's a bit of supply and demand. If the supply is small and limited, then demand should be high. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Batman, Superman are all weaker characters because they are EVERY where. I don't see that as a GOOD thing. I get Batman in Detective, Batman and Brave and the Bold. An occasional appearance in Justice League, okay. For an urban legend, who works alone...

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