Sunday, February 2, 2014

Green Lantern Vs. The Green Goblin

I was excited at the casting of Chris Cooper, one of my favorite actors, in the role of Norman Osborne for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.  From what I can tell though, we will have to wait until at least the third installment before he undergoes the transformation into The Green Goblin.  They do seem to have Harry Osborne showing up as some sort of proto-Goblin character, but the few images that have been released make him look pretty ridiculous.  WIllbem Dafoe and James Franco were fine as the Osbornes, but their costumes never looked right either.  Spider-Man's arch-foe shouldn't be so hard to translate to the big screen, and I wonder why the filmmakers always seem to have such trouble.


AirDave said...

Wow! Awesome!

In a perfect world it would be cool to see the Luthors, Waynes, Osbornes, Ferrises and so forth all combined.

I have mixed feelings about the new Spider-Man films. I get the impression that the super hero franchises are following the Sean Connery James Bond model.

I'm beginning to see that as cool as it is to see a comic character in live action, nothing can replace reading a comic book.

Anonymous said...

People forget that comics aren't storyboards, there's a whole visual language that can be conveyed this way that just does not translate into live action. Also in some ways, comics allow for a larger suspension of disbelief, which allows for more fantasical characters than movie effects can.

Sidenote: File this under "What could have been". Early animatronic makeup tests for Green Goblin in the first Raimi Spider-Man film. (I skipped to the facial test part)


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