Friday, February 28, 2014

Legion of Super-Heroes and Guardians of the Galaxy

The first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy has been released, and while it doesn't reveal much in the way of plot, it looks like a lot of fun.  I really liked the designs of all the characters, Nebula looked especially cool in the quick cuts that were shown of her.  Of course, what I was really curious about was how Rocket Raccoon and Groot would be handled, and I was not disappointed.  What a blast to see Rocket scurrying around Groot's back, firing a machine gun!  The humor seems front and center here, hopefully the film will have it's share of action as well.  I thought that too much wacky humor was a detriment to the latest Iron Man and Thor films, but it looks like it might just work with this movie.


AirDave said...

If Marvel can win the box office with Guardians of the Galaxy, then there is no stopping them.

DC has the iconic characters, but still can not figure out how to tell great stories with them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, all of my favorite stories were told before 1985. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have no idea how you do this, Ross, but this is one of my favorites.
There's a lot going on in this picture, including Phantom Girl pleading with Rocket Raccoon not to blow somebody's head off.
This new Guardians of the Galaxy isn't my version, mine was from the 70's, but, I have to admit, I do kinda like this new crew.
I'm probably gonna see the film, maybe like it, and grumble and gripe the whole time, but, that's my right as a middle-aged fart.
I gotta admit, I like the raccoon!
I've seen some real ones, and I can almost picture one holding a laser blaster. They have hands.

Bob Greenwade said...

This is another fine cover that looks like it was drawn as a unit piece. Very nicely done.

I'm about 98% unfamiliar with the Guardians of the Galaxy, other than a few news bits about Rocket Raccoon and Karen Gillen's portrayal of Nebula. However, the costumes of these LSH members are clearly from the period that I remember best.

It's my favorite version of Phantom Girl's costume... and my least favorite for the others shown here. I don't think Dawnstar ever had a different one, but I always thought that the front went down too low; Saturn Girl looks like she's wearing lingerie (though less here than in most back shots); Lightning Lad's white accents are too much; and Karate Kid's is passable except for the ridiculously high collar. Phantom Girl's has just the right mix of style, skin, and utility to make a good costume; I would have preferred holding over the stylized "P" from her original outfit, but that's just me.

Mr. Acer said...

Another New Amalgam combo on deviantart--Red Rum-18 mixed the two teams (along with some Marvel 2099 heroes) to make the Legion of the Galaxy. From this cover, there's Lightning Hawk (Lightning Lad/Starhawk), Saturna (Saturn Girl/Gamora), Phantis (Phantom Girl/Mantis), Omnivore (Matter-Eater Lad/Rocket Raccoon), and Punish Kid (Karate Kid/Punisher 2099). In his Other New Amalgam Heroes 2: Science-Based Heroes entry, he has Star Knight (The Atomic Knight/Star-Lord). Unfortunately, nothing using Blok or Dawnstar as ingredients yet.

Ross said...

Thanks, Bob - I wasn't sure how this one would turn out, given the different artistic styles. I giving RR and Starlord some shadows helped sell it.

Anonymous said...

Saturn Girl's costume was taken from a contest to re-design various Legionnaires costumes and was based (according to the person credited with the design, Kim Metzger, who is a good friend of mine) on Diana Rigg's leather catsuit outfit from "The Avengers".

Anonymous said...

Hey this is cool! The original Superboy & LSH you used happens to be the first issue of theirs I read. I bought it specifically for the Perez cover & quickly turned into a diehard fan. Pot isn't the gateway drug, Perez is. :)

Anonymous said...

This was a particular favorite story arc for me as a kid...the rescue of Ultra Boy plus the mystery of Reflecto/Superboy

-Mike Tabor

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