Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonder Woman Vs. The Hulk

I made this cover quite a while ago, and it had not yet been revealed that The Red She-Hulk was in fact, Betty Ross. So, now she joins Rick Jones and Thunderbolt Ross as a Hulk-type character.  It still seems strange to me that the Hulk's original supporting cast members have all been turned into reflections of him.


Bob Greenwade said...

I had a thought the other day: what if you were to team up the Hulk with Brainiac 5? They're both green, but otherwise about as different as two characters can be.

You could take it a step further, and put them into an ad hoc team with Savage Dragon, Yoda, and... well, I'm not sure who else. Call it the Mean Green Machine.

Ross said...

Bob, once again you seem to have a crystal ball. There is a cover along those lines in the pipeline.

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