Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Spectre and The Tick

These two couldn't be farther apart as far as their personalities go, but that's what exactly why it might make for a fun pairing.  Satirical comic characters can sometimes fall flat, but Ben Edlund's adventures with The Tick work exceptionally well because they come from a place of true love for the genre.  The Spectre is one of my all-time favorite characters, especially when drawn by Jim Aparo, as he is here. His thirst for vengeance is as strong as The Tick's commitment to justice, and it would be fun to see them cross paths.          


worldmusic said...

I can foresee The Spectre being forced to play the "straight man" to The Tick's zaniness in this adventure, and who knows, on the last panel, on the last page, we may even be treated to a....smirk on the Spectre's face when the adventure ends. (I always loved it when a guest star made Batman smile, or rarer still, outright laugh. Only Metamorpho or The Elongated Man could do that!)

Bob Buethe said...

Ever read Thom Zahler's Love and Capes? It's an underappreciated series from IDW. Not as zany as the Tick, but it's a very funny superhero romantic comedy from another creator with a real love for the genre.

Ross said...

I haven't tried that one, but I have heard good things.

Bob Greenwade said...

Even the darkest characters need their lighter moments from time to time, and the Tick would be just right for the Spectre.

It's the same principle behind my wanting to see a team-up between Wolverine and Ambush Bug.

A Mindful Webworker said...

Just caught up on two weeks missed, and would have left many comments, but, so much to remark upon. Pretend I did.

Tick & Spectre made me laugh just seeing the title on the newsfeed. Yes, great contrast, the most dead-serious of characters and one of the most camp-serious (for lack of a better thought about the Tick). As folks so often say, I would read this comic. And at 60¢ what a bargain! (Of course, it would cost much more from a collectibles dealer now....)

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