Friday, March 8, 2013

Superman and The Sub-Mariner (With Ant-Man!)

Dave Bullock has a great style that combines modern storytelling techniques with classic character design.  I especially love his take on Superman, which fits in well with Jack Kirby's groundbreaking Marvel work.  It's also a style that I would love to see put to animation - the economy of line and keen sense of body language would make for a great retro feature.


pblfsda said...

Well, now I want to dig out my Fleischer Superman DVD's.

Hey, is Ant-Man filling in for the Atom here? Four of the last five issues of the original Super-Team Family were actually one long Atom story even though the individual issues were nominally team-ups between two other heroes. It's been the only aspect of the short-lived title you haven't yet recalled in some sense (you've even had a few Golden Age and Silver Age "reprint" stories) and I was wondering if you'd ever do the Atom subplot theme.

Ross said...

I remember those issues well. I do have a couple of images from them in my stockpile so they may indeed prove useful for an upcoming cover. You'll definitely see Atom pairing up with some interesting guests, in fact I just made a new Atom cover today.

Dandy Forsdyke said...

Another superb cover. Like your Superman/Torch, Superman/Magnus, Dick Tracy/Superman and Human Torch/Green Lantern, this has the same retro feel I love.

Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure Bullock actually came from an animation career. Or, at least, as a storyboard artist.

I'm pretty sure that's the same guy.

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